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Our Approach

We are focused on delivering reliability, dependability, fair prices and exceptional service to our customers.

Meet the Team

We enjoy what we do. When our team shows up to an install, the customers are eager to have the system installed, neighbors stop and ask questions. It’s a cool thing to be a part of that.

Words that could be used to describe our team would be professional, hard working, competent and friendly. With online reviews being as powerful as it is for potential customers, every customer must be treated outstanding.

Ryan Roe


Ryan has a passion for renewable energy. His mathematics background provides a powerful tool for designing optimal systems and maximizing cost effectiveness for the owners.

Ryan spends his free time with his amazing family and friends. His natural habitats include Pickleball courts, disc golf courses or the Katy trail with his dog.


Jay Hasheider

Sales Manager

Jay’s has over thirty years of experience in renewable energy with Columbia Water and Light. Before that he received an MS Degree from UMC in 1982 with research focused on farm based renewable energy. Prior to that he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Central America where he also worked on renewable energy projects.

During his service with CWL Jay was recognized for his work by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources with the Resource Steward Award. He currently writes a monthly column for the Columbia Missourian on solar energy and climate change issues.

Jay’s renewable energy and utility experience is now enlisted to help Green Leaf Solar expand solar energy to homes and businesses in the Columbia area.


Martin Podolak

Chief Troubleshooter

Martin shares Ryan’s passion for alternative energy. When not on the roof, Martin can be found working on his property, on the MKT trail or enjoying a nice dinner out with his wife.



Solar Tech

When not putting panels on the roof, Alex enjoys playing his guitar and hanging out with his girlfriend.


Solar Tech

Along with being a solar technologist, Carlos is working towards his doctorate and likes playing music and spending time with his friends.

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