Going Solar Process

Step 1: Find out is solar is right for you

There’s many factors to consider when going solar. Let Green Leaf Solar come out and discuss your energy needs and options along with a free proposal. Your proposal will have all the incentives and rebates options, how long it will take for the system to pay for itself and if needed, financing options.

Step 2: Installation

If you go with Green Leaf Solar, we take care of or walk you through any forms and applications needed to receive any rebates, grants or loans.  Once the permits have been approved, Green Leaf’s crew will have your power plant up and producing energy in no time.


Step 3: Warranty/Monitoring

The big difference! Many companies install the panels and walk away. Although there are no moving parts with a PV/solar system, if something goes bad, there’s no charge for parts AND labor. Green Leaf Solar will also monitor the system to insure all is working properly for years to come.


The Bottom Line is This

Green Leaf Solar is full service installation company. You’re considering doing something cutting edge. Ryan and his team will be there for you the whole way through.

Next Steps…

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